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Why I Love My Career!

    I enjoy being a Sonographer because I truly do love helping people. My job gives me satisfaction and life fulfillment because I'm part of something great, which is helping to save people’s lives. In addition to other radiology modalities, the images I take help to diagnosis, treat, and cure many people with diseases or life threatening illnesses.  I'm very detail oriented and this job really depends on detail oriented people because the doctors depend on my finding to make their impressions. People’s lives are dependent on the images that I take.

Ultrasound also can be very challenging which I've always enjoyed challenging myself. Being in a constant problem solving setting keeps me from becoming bored on the job.  I enjoy the variety of things that I scan all throughout the day such as infant brains, body tissues, blood vessels, or surgical procedures.

    I also appreciate the different fields  that my career also has to offer. There are several options to choose from such as a professor, working in a hospital, becoming a vendor for the ultrasound machine company or I can become a traveling tech in my golden years.  That flexibility is another reasons why I choose ultrasound as my career.

    If you are contemplating if ultrasound is the field for you, here are some important key questions to answer:

Do you enjoy working with people?
Do you enjoy helping people?
Are you detail oriented?
Do you enjoy various tasks?
Are you a good communicator?
Do you enjoy challenges?
Do you enjoy a constant learning environment?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, then you may want to consider this awarding, exciting and expanding career for you.

Guest Blogger - Christy N. Baez, RDMS (ABD & OB/GYN)
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Reasons to Become a Radiologic Technologist

Aug. 29, 2016

A Radiologic Technologist performs various medical imaging exams, and the images they create are used by radiologists to diagnose patients’ ailments. It’s a position that requires effective communication abilities, patience and kindness, and the Radiologic Technologist must stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and equipment.

“It is extremely important in this field that technologists make sure patients feel comfortable and are satisfied with their experience,” said Jennifer Daniels, BSRS, RT(R)(CT), Radiologic Technology Program Director at Concorde’s Memphis, Tenn. campus.

Wide variety of specialties

In addition to diagnostic X-ray, the Radiologic Technologist also can specialize in mammography, computed tomography or bone densitometry, to name a few. Radiologic Technologists can be employed at state, local and private hospitals, physicians’ offices, and medical and diagnostic laboratories.

“The demand for Radiologic Technologists should continue to stay strong since there is a large aging population in need of imaging to diagnose and treat medical conditions,” Daniels said.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment growth of about nine percent between 2014-2024 for this profession – 17,200 new positions.

Ten more reasons why Radiologic Technologist might be the health care profession for you

  • Active work environment – If you enjoy working with your hands and being active during your work shift, then this is a good career path for you.
  • Long weekends – Many technicians work three 12-hour shifts, then enjoy prolonged down time.
  • Can work alone or in groups – Although you will work with others at times, the job offers a great deal of autonomy and allows you to make your own decisions.
  • Helping people – It adds to job satisfaction when you see that your work actually is helping others and making a difference.
  • Work where you want – Since there are so many jobs that need filled, you almost are guaranteed that you can get a job in any area you want to move.
  • Easy to get a job – Especially if you specialize in different areas, having more credentials will make you more valuable in a ton of different locations.
  • Can expand into other fields – Although the future for the aspiring Radiologic Technologist seems promising, there are several other careers that could be pursued, such as diagnostic medical sonographers, cardiovascular technologists and technicians and nuclear medicine technologists.
  • Job outlook and security – Prospects look particularly promising for this occupation because of this country’s aging baby boomer population, which probably will deal with breaks and fractures caused by osteoporosis and other factors.
  • Earn great wages – The Radiologic Technologist typically earns very competitive wages, and almost all employees receive great benefits.
  • Only takes a two-year degree – A two-year associate’s degree is the most common route to becoming a Radiologic Technologist, with some states also requiring a license. There also are specializations you can learn, the most common being the MRI specialization.

Concorde can get you to your associate’s degree in 20 months through comprehensive technical training that prepares you for successful entry into the field. Call your local or area Concorde campus today and find out all we have to offer to get you into the rewarding health care career of your dreams.

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