Denver District Court Courtroom Assignments 2014

Courtroom Assignments for Judges and Magistrates in Douglas County, for both Douglas County District Court and Douglas County Court changed effective June 13, 2014. Douglas County Court Judges and Douglas County District Court Judges are now assigned as follows

Douglas County
Division 1: Civil, Criminal and Delinquency Judge Paul A. King
Division 2: Domestic and Juvenile Delinquency Magistrate Beth A. Elliott-Dumler
Division 3: Civil, Criminal and D & N Judge Richard B. Caschette
Division 4: Domestic Judge Angela R. Arkin
Division 5: Civil and Criminal Judge Vincent R. White
Division D: Veterans’ Court Magistrate Bonnie H. Mclean
Division 6: Domestic Judge Natalie T. Chase
Division E: Child Support Magistrate M. Edward Burns
Division 7: Domestic and Juvenile Magistrate Rebecca S. Moss
Division 8: Domestic, PR and MH Judge Michael J. Spear

Douglas County Court Judges and Douglas County District Court Judges are added, retired, replaced and reassigned from time to time.  For the full list of assignments for Arapahoe District Court, Arapahoe County Court, Elbert District Court and Elbert County Courts, together with Presiding Judge Assignments, see the following links:

Amended Chief Judge Order 14-10 June 13 2014

CJO 14-16 Order Appointing Presiding Judges

DENVER –  Mayor Michael B. Hancock today announced the appointments of Isabel Pallares and Frances Simonet to the Denver County Court. The appointments will fill the vacancies created by the retirements of Judge John Marcucci and Judge Doris Burd.

“The people of Denver rely on a justice system that administers justice fairly and impartially, and our county court system is the foundation of that,” Mayor Hancock said. “Isabel and Frances have devoted their careers to the fair and balanced application of the law, and their skills and legal fortitude will be phenomenal additions to the Denver County Court.”

Pallares currently serves as the Chief Deputy District Attorney for the office’s Sexual Assault Unit. As a Sexual Assault Prosecutor Specialist, she has led efforts to evaluate the quality of sexual assault prosecution to align with national best practices, as well as train and collaborate with law enforcement and community partners to improve victim services to sexual assault victims in the City and County of Denver. Pallares also conducts trainings for prosecutors, educational administrators, victims service agencies and law enforcement to ensure national best practices are met and exceeded.

Pallares has been a member of the Denver District Attorney’s Office since 2005, where she has been assigned to try cases in the county court, Denver District Court, Denver Juvenile Court and as part of the Family Violence Unit.

“It has been an honor to serve the residents of Denver as a member of the District Attorney’s Office, and I look forward to bringing that same passion for justice to the Denver County Court,” Pallares said. “A judge has tremendous impact on people’s lives and how an average resident views the system that is in place to protect them, I want to thank Mayor Hancock for the opportunity to continue to serve this city on behalf of the residents of Denver.”

Simonet currently serves as a District Court Magistrate in the 17th Judicial District, and is assigned to the dependency and neglect docket in the juvenile division, as well as the presiding judicial officer for the district’s family treatment court program, which monitors the sobriety and treatment progress of parents in the program. Under her leadership of the family treatment court, the program began accepting fathers in the fall of 2016, and has fully transitioned to an evidenced based treatment court. In presiding over the districts juvenile mental health court, Alternative Court Track, Simonet led the transition of the juvenile mental health court into a juvenile co-occurring disorder court, incorporating best practices in juvenile justice and evidence based practices for drug court programs.   

Previously to serving as a District Court Magistrate, Simonet was the sole practitioner and owner of the Simonet Law Firm, and before her time in private practice, served as a Colorado State Public Defender in the Brighton Office.

“As a child of two civil rights activists, the home I grew up in was filled with daily discussions about equality, fairness and justice,” Simonet said “It is my goal that every person who comes to my court room feels heard and feels treated fairly, and it’s an honor to be selected by Mayor Hancock to serve on the Denver County Court bench.”

Pallares and Simonet will assume their new roles as Denver County Court Judges upon their swearing in. The retirements of Judges Burd and Marcucci will occur in October of this year.

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