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Adriane Tharp, who will be coming to Wesleyan in the fall as part of the Class of 2019, set her admission essay in the Forestdale, Ala. Domino’s Pizza where she worked, writing about the “lineup of fellow misfits who were her colleagues.” The New York Timesfeatured Tharp’s essay in its annual story on admission essays about working and money.

The story quotes Wesleyan Associate Dean of Admission Chris Lanser, who was the first reader of Tharp’s essay. He tells the Times how rare it is for applicants to write about money and work, and explains what stood out to him about Tharp’s essay.

“The point of the essay is not to tell us that she needs work or doesn’t,” Lanser said. “What she wants us to learn from this is that she is able to embrace difference and learn quite a bit from those differences.”

The Times asked Lanser about the perception that admissions officers at competitive colleges devalue work experience.

“We think there are valuable life skills and people skills to be gained in the workplace,” he said, adding that he personally believes that everyone should work in the service industry at some point in their lives.

Read Tharp’s essay here (second from the bottom).

Are you curious about almost everything? Do the questions interest you as much as the answers? Do you dream of the ways you can change the world? Are you open to changing your mind? If you answered yes to these questions, you're the kind of student Wesleyan is looking for!

Wesleyan students are intellectual risk-takers who possess the ability to succeed in a rigorous academic environment, take full advantage of the opportunities available to them and demonstrate a concern for the larger community. Diverse in nationality, ethnicity, race, first language and socio-economic background, all Wesleyan students have two things in common: an intellectual curiosity and a genuine love of learning.

Important Dates

Applying As:AdmissionFinancial Aid Notification Date:
Early Decision INOV 15NOV 15mid December
Early Decision IIJAN 1JAN 15mid February
Regular DecisionJAN 1MAR 1late March
Freeman Scholar ProgramJAN 1JAN 1late March


Note to Applicants Regarding Peaceful Protests:

February 23, 2018

Wesleyan students have a proud tradition of civic engagement, and the university supports students’ rights to peaceful protest. The admission committee reviews the details of any suspension reported by an applicant, and a suspension for peaceful protest on issues of public concern would not impact an admission decision in any way. 

Read President Roth's message here.


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