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PEACEMAKER PROJECT2IntroductionIn all areas of my life, I desire to give God glory. Glorifying God is the manifestation of the presence of God in every area of my life. I must make a conscious decision to exemplify the characteristics of God even in my conflicts. For my maturity is based on how I handle conflict and how do I utilize the opportunity given. As an associate pastor, I know conflict is unavoidable. I attend a small church, which produces large ministry in the city of Jacksonville. This is a family based church literally. Relationships are to either the senior pastor or the associate pastor. The two areas I will address are with the youth director and the pastor's son. I admit that my pattern response to conflict in the past has been to escape. As I gain knowledge regarding rectifying conflict, I understand that there is an application process. For knowledge without application is mere information. Glorifying GodThe youth director is unrelated to anyone in the church, yet she has a history of doing exceptional work with youth development programs and activities. Because she unrelated to the membership, this can create an issue with others cooperating. The youth staffs are relatives to thesenior pastor and associate pastor. The issue possibly began in February or March 2010. There was suppose to be a sleepover for the youth, which the staff planned, and the parents were informed. Prior to the event, many staff members came together and said that they were unaware of any sleepover activities. This was untrue. However, the issue was with the youth department staffand the director. In order to resolve the dispute, I met with the youth director and the staff to discuss unity, change, growth, and development of the children's ministry. Problem solved, right?Wrong.

22 Examples Of Great Research Paper Topics On Ethics​

Writing a research paper on ethics can be trickier than it seems at first. While most people understand and accept universal moral rules, they can interpret them differently. That’s why ethics isn’t about black or white, it dwells on the shades of gray. The most important component of a successful work is choosing a good topic to discuss and to defend by arguments.

Essential Steps for Choosing an Ethics Research Paper Topic

  1. Explore the resources.
  2. Look at moral dilemmas described in media and those you encounter every day. When you find something you really care about, check if there’s enough data available to support your future arguments.

  3. Think of it closely.
  4. Brainstorm and single out one general idea you like most. Make sure you have enough time before turning in the draft and sleep a night with the idea on your mind. If you still want to proceed with it – go on.

  5. Narrow it down.
  6. It doesn’t make sense to try encompassing a large topic like murders. Focus on abortions in poor families or capital punishments for murderers instead of a broad issue.

    Unique Samples of Ethics Research Paper Topics

    1. Does moral behavior lead to happiness?
    2. Why do many people pursue hedonistic lifestyles nowadays?
    3. Euthanasia justified: would you kill a person for mercy?
    4. Do the rich deserve to have what they have?
    5. The Good Samaritan dilemma: why people don’t help strangers in the streets?
    6. Aren’t peacemaking and peacekeeping the same as waging a war?
    7. Does abortion mean a woman has the right to choose?
    8. How to choose between the lesser evil and the greater good?
    9. Does democratic society lead to low morality?
    10. Ethics in international law: is the Kyoto Protocol amoral?
    11. Is suicide a crime today?
    12. Religious ethics: how has Catholicism changed its views on homosexuality?
    13. Does anyone have the right to condemn Michael Jackson for changing his skin color?
    14. Is donating organs morally justified?
    15. Can refugees from the Middle East be accepted in the US?
    16. Is it necessary for a politician to strive for power?
    17. How to understand terrorists and distinguish between them?
    18. How can obeying the rules be bad?
    19. Can we choose between a happy family life and a lucrative career?
    20. How to make students obey academic integrity principles?
    21. Would you report on your friend if he commits a crime?
    22. How to distinguish between security regulations and censorship?

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