Types Of Boyfriends Classification Essays

Classification Essay Topics Designed to Ace the Submission

Classification essay is a tricky endeavor. Basically, it explores/scrutinizes/examines subjects under revision by placing them into categories, groups and classes based on their particular properties, characteristic features, functions, etc.

As a rule, classification essays consist of an introductory paragraph where you embed your thesis statement, and subsequent development paragraphs where you depict items and their types you mentioned in your opening passage.

Top-20 classification essay topic examples

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  3. 5 Methods for Studying Before the Finals
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  10. How to Break a Cold
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  12. Picking a Proper Boyfriend
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  20. Types of Roommates Based on Their Eating Habits

A real brain-cracker, unless you have…

…a solid writing plan. Indeed, a proper outline is key to writing a classification essay that hits the jackpot. You must spend some good time meditating on how you’ll classify the subject matter at hand and from what perspectives you’ll dwell upon it. Don’t rush writing right ahead, better think through the structure of your essay attentively, come up with engaging topic sentences and only then get down to writing.

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Finding the perfect match.

In my short life, I have dated a few different types of people. But mostly, they can fit a group or stereotype I should say. People you date can range in all forms and have many different   personalities. Take boyfriends for example, so many differences yet they all are a boyfriend to a person. My types have certaintly ranged in the type of person they are but to the core they were my person to date for that time being.

My first boyfriend was the Jock. He was a rugby player like me, hockey goalie and was the defensive end for Pennsbury high school. We began dating in the summer before Football per-season. You don’t get the full effect of the jock until pre-season beginning. Once pre-season begins, the true jock mode comes out. Practice is almost daily and then they train on the side as well. There is no end. He cared a lot about his looks and being fit. Diet was key. Being a jock, he was vain and very about himself being popular and all. His perks were that he didn’t care if I was sweaty after rugby practice or looked a mess and we got   to do sports together. But with every person there is a down fall. His looks and sports were priority and time for us to hangout came after friends and training and sports etc. We became distant and agreed to end there mutually. His ego is big, brain not the brightest but he's got a heart of gold not a stereotypical jock but definitely Mr. Popular Athlete for sure.

Then came along the Jerk. Everyone has one on a spectrum of Jerk hood. From that friend who everyone hates to your school yard bully. I happened to pick the meanest of jerks. He was controlling and   cruel. Probably due to low self esteem, fed off of others' pain; he liked to be in charge. Thought by everyone else as the perfect guy, behind closed doors was a different story. Harsh words came out of his mouth, banned from any guy friends and girlfriends that he deemed unsuitable. In two short months you see, the Jerk boyfriend escalate to...

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