Police Brutality Essay Titles Format


What are some good titles for an essay on police brutality? 


Police brutality is a multi-faceted topic that lends itself to a number of different approaches.  Before you can determine what to title your police brutality essay, you need to narrow the focus of your essay.  We suggest that you write your title last, after figuring out the focus of your paper and writing your thesis statement.  This way you can ensure that your title is sufficiently specific to give the readers an idea of what you will be discussing in the paper.

There are literally thousands of sub-topics if you are writing about the issue of police brutality.  For example, you could focus on police brutality around the world or in a specific country; examine racial issues surrounding police brutality; look at remedies for police brutality; look at police brutality and sexual abuse; or discuss the negative societal consequences of police brutality.  Once you determine your specific topic, you can come up with a title.


How the Fear of Police Brutality Discourages African American Males from Exercising Their Constitutional Rights

Cops Who Rape: An Investigation of Officers Who Use Their Authority to Commit Sexual Assault

Why Are So Few Police Officers Convicted in Cases Where There Is Video Evidence of Police Brutality?

Black Lives Matter: A Community Response to Racially Disproportionate Police Brutality

Does Publicizing Incidents of Police Brutality Encourage Violence Against Police Officers?

Are Excessive Force and Police Brutality the Same Thing?


Before you can pick a great title for your police brutality essay, you first have to narrow the subject of your paper.  Once you have narrowed the subject and crafted a well-written thesis statement, you can use that thesis statement to guide you in writing your title.

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Police brutality essays: tips and advice

In the world of essay writing, there are a handful of essay topics that have become cliche. They include topics like abortion, cloning, and police brutality. Even though these topics have been written about so much that it seems like nothing new can be said, there are subtopics still available that can make for interesting reading. The trick to making cliche topics seem fresh and new is to dig for a unique angle. When it comes to police brutality essays, there are a few simple ways to write a successful and original essay. These are a few tips:

  • Look for a local angle: If you can look for a local piece about police brutality, you can write something fresh. When you write about a local story, you know the locations and you might know the people who are involved. If you do not, then someone you know might. Odds are that the local news media will have many pieces that you can use as sources, too.
  • Stay current: While there are many examples of police brutality that stretch back decades, those examples might not provide fresh insight into the topic. The only time that you might consider looking at old examples is if you are tracing the history of police brutality.
  • Create an original thesis: It is difficult to argue against ending police brutality, so do not use that as your thesis. Try to create a thesis that can be argued. It might be fun to actually argue that police who are accused of brutality should not be fired. If might be interesting to argue that police who are involved in brutality cases should attend mandatory counseling. If you can take your thesis to an extreme, you might have more fun writing and your essay will be more enjoyable to read.
  • Avoid preaching: Again, no one agrees with the idea of police brutality, so avoid making your essay sound like you are preaching. Keep your sources factual and stick to your thesis.
  • Look to hire a profession: If you are having difficulty crafting a high quality essay, there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional to complete your essay for you. Be sure that you only work with essay companies that craft essays from scratch, hire only native English speakers, and let you communicate directly with the writer that you are able to choose. You might have to spend a few bucks, but you will get a good product.


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