Oppo Find 7 White Homework

  • The BEAST!!!
    Review by PHon 11/11/14

    Everything is good like QHD, VOOC Fast charging, skyline notification, etc....., so FAST with VOOC Fast charge no problem.

  • good
    Review by Tej on 10/28/14

  • nice phone
    Review by pocanucason 9/2/14

    the only bad thing that has update KitKat but ok

  • its a monster
    Review by jaeron 8/28/14

    Although it's high in price it packs a lot of features inside this phone that leaves u breathless down to the packaging

  • Dream phone
    Review by Anoopon 7/12/14

    Main thing is quality of service has to be good

  • Fantastic beast for 600$
    Review by Pratikon 7/7/14

    Great Phone.Would like to buy , but still unavailable in India

  • best phone forewer
    Review by swapnilon 7/3/14

  • The strongest contender
    Review by kevin_ravson 6/21/14

    This is extremely the super shot produced by Oppo.Indeed i am eagerly waiting for its release in India, though its worldwide being a hit.Thanks Oppo for making your products available here.
    Cant wait more :)

  • look
    Review by ckon 6/14/14

  • Great Phone
    Review by BALKISHOREon 6/13/14

    Phone is very nice, but the service by Oppomart is not so good.
    Re: We will try to do best at next time. Thanks for your understanding.

    Review by Mohammed Ahmedon 6/11/14

    simply it is the best phone tell now , the best thing is charging and camera and carbon fiber ^^

  • Great deal but a bit expensive
    Review by Tapashon 6/11/14

    It's the best smartphone with great features n mostly the innovative screen

  • superb phone best in all
    Review by rohiton 6/11/14

  • the well built phone and with best features and value for money
    Review by rajaon 5/4/14

    the best phone i have ever seen and its unlike the gionee's low class phones made up of poor quality plastic and poor quality processor,ram,graphics,and even no space for card slot such a useless phone

  • phone excellent
    Review by vdrdon 5/3/14

    very nice and slim awesome mobile

  • awesomee
    Review by vipinon 4/27/14

    this phone is best than apple products

  • comparing with one plus one it is almost double price
    Review by reaktor216on 4/25/14

    i like it but it is expensive

  • Oppo find7 will amaze U.....
    Review by girishon 4/21/14

    It is very good product, i would love to get it and want to get it as soon as possible.
    I am waiting for it desperately .

    Review by OMARon 4/21/14

    one of the best smartphones

    Review by OMARon 4/21/14

    one of the best smartphones

  • The Oppo Find 7, like the OnePlus One , is a Chinese-made phone with plenty of promise, but it comes with a much higher price tag: $599, (£350 or AU$640).

    As Chinese phones generally are known for their low cost, the Oppo Find 7 is expensive when compared with its domestic rivals. On one hand, given that it's the only handset available globally that has a high-resolution 5.5-inch 2,560x1,440-pixel display other than the LG G3 ($690, £490, or AU$799 without a contract), the premium can somewhat be justified. Yet, it's still quite a hefty price for a display that you may not really need and features that don't stand out from the competition. And it doesn't help that for just a dollar more, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S5 .

    The Find 7 is available to preorder in the UK from Oppo's European store, where it's priced at €479 SIM-free, which converts to £380. It'll ship in early July. You can also buy it now in Singapore. US and Australian availability has yet to be announced.

    Design and specs

    The Find 7 might remind you of the OnePlus One, if you've been following my recent reviews. The two phones are made in the same factory and likely share the same mould. The shape and size are similar, but the placement of buttons differs. The Find 7's speakers are on the back instead of at the bottom, and the camera is a little lower down the back.

    I do, however, like the feel of the Find 7 a little better. The textured plastic rear has more grip, and the metallic bandings around the edges give the phone a touch of class.

    The 5.5-inch "Quad HD" display -- that's 2,560x1,440 pixels, the same as four 720p screens -- is bright and brilliant, and usable even under bright sunlight. It crams in 538 pixels per inch -- far, far more than Apple's "Retina" displays. That said, the display doesn't appear any any sharper than a normal 1080p screen of similar size.

    Like the OnePlus One, I found the phone a little too large to use comfortably, and I'm guessing most of you will have to use both thumbs to type properly. This is usually the case with phones that have screens larger than 5 inches.

    While the Find 7 is larger than the G3, it's actually only a little bit wider. But I did feel that typing on the G3 with one thumb was a lot easier, so that extra space does make a difference.

    Three touch-sensitive buttons are located below the screen, and the phone uses the old-style Android menu button instead of the multitasking button. While these keys are backlit, they are pretty dim, and you won't be able to make them out in bright light. It also appears you can't switch to use onscreen keys unlike the OnePlus One, so you're stuck with the back button located on the right side.

    I mostly use phones in my left hand, so it's quite annoying to stretch out my thumb to hit the back button, only to find that the fleshy bit of my palm has accidentally hit the menu button. It would have been nice if the phone had onscreen keys or the ability to customise where the back button is.

    Internally, the Find 7 is powered by a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of onboard storage. There's also a microSD card slot located underneath the cover, but you'll have to take out the battery to swap cards.

    Connectivity-wise, it has 4G LTE support, and there are two variants: the international model should work for most countries in Europe and around the world, while the US and Mexico version comes with frequencies tuned for these markets.

    Besides LTE, the Find 7 also has quad-band 3G support, which should work on most networks around the world, and the usual NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

    Software and features

    If you've read my Oppo N1 review , you'll be familiar with the Color OS that the Find 7 uses, a skin that runs over Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It comes with a few innovative software features that you don't really see in other phones.

    For one, the phone has a gesture panel that can be turned on by sliding down from the top left side. Once there, you can draw with your finger to quickly activate apps. The default gestures allow you to draw a circle to open the camera, or a V to turn on the flashlight, for example. You can add your own -- for example, a W to open WhatsApp messenger.

    Gestures also work when the screen is off -- you can slide two fingers down to play a song, draw an arrow to skip or rewind tracks. You can also double-tap the screen when it's off to wake the phone, similar to the LG G3 and the OnePlus One. (Color OS has a proximity feature that detects when the phone is in your pocket and prevents it from accidentally activating.) I like this a lot, since I had plenty of issues with the One and the G3 accidentally turning on due to a very thin material lining my pockets.

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