A2 Product Design Coursework Assignment

A-level Design and Technology: Product Design (3-D Design) helps students take a broad view of design and technology, develop their capacity to design and make products and appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing.

The specification retains much of the content of the previous A-level specification and continues to provide students with the opportunity to design and make a product (or in the case of AS, a number of smaller products) in both years of the course.

The course has 50 per cent coursework in order to recognise the importance of practical work within this subject. 

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The last January exams for AS and A2 were in January 2013.
The exams are now only in June due to Changes to A-levels.

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  1. Seeing as I have not found a thread I took it upon myself to start one

    For the AS level product design exam what are your revision techniques ?!

    I'm Really struggling to find ways because the specification is so brief and in my opinion is not that good... What text books? resources? Any help would be greatly appreciated Even if you sat this last year could you give me a little advice

  2. Also, I revised from referring to the GCSE resistant materials textbook .

    It actually worked for my A2 exam and most definitely did for AS!

    Also get a highlighter and go through the AQA Product Design specification and go over past papers with your teacher. Make sure your teacher marks it, as they will mark harshly and give constructive criticism.

    I worked my socks off for this module. My advice? Start revision ASAP. Start doing mind maps etc and look at the past two papers.

    If metals came up in Jan 2013, then it won't really come up again in June (well I might be wrong). Also look at the pattern of the past papers and so on.

    It also depends on your coursework. If you scored a high 'A' you can still manage a good grade. A2 Product design is WAY MORE interesting than AS, and the coursework is slightly easier.

    Please give me some rep if you found this interesting.

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