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Letter of Interest Sample and Writing Tips

A letter of interest, also known as a prospecting letter or inquiry letter, is sent to prospective employers that may be hiring, but haven't listed a specific job opening to apply for.

On occasion, inquiring letters are written in response to a job listing to discuss additional opportunities, but the vast majority are sent to investigate potential employment unadvertised by a company.

These letters indicate your interest in the company as a prospective employer, and serve as a formal request to consider you for any potential opportunities that may be a good fit based on your education background, skill set, and prior experience.

Read below for more information on what a letter of interest is and how to write a strong letter of interest. Also read a sample letter of interest to use for inspiration when writing your own letter.

Letters of Interest vs. Cover Letters

A letter of interest should not be confused with a cover letter. A cover letter is sent in addition to a resume when applying for a particular job posting. In a cover letter, you focus on your skills and experiences that are directly related to the job listing.

Conversely, a letter of interest can be sent at any time, whether or not the company is in the market for new hires. Prospecting letters are introductory in nature. Rather than focusing on your skills and experiences that are related to a job listing (since there is no job listing), a letter of interest should highlight your marketable qualifications and skills that would be easily transferable between a number of positions.

Tips for Getting Your Letter Noticed

Letters of interest are becoming more common, so it is imperative that you make your letter stand out among the applicant pool. Read below for tips on writing a strong letter of interest:

Find the right contact person. Try to find a specific person to send the letter to, rather than sending it to the office or to a general company email address.

If there is a department you are particularly interested in working for, send it to the manager of that department. If you have a contact at the company, send it to him or her, or ask your contact for advice on whom you should send the letter to.

Focus on the company. Your letter should contain information on why the company interests you and why you would be an asset to the organization. Researching the company and type of work the company does will help you get a better sense of life and culture at the company and why it might be right for you.

Explain how you would add value. Unlike an opening-specific cover letter, you are not listing the relevant qualities you possess to match the specific opening. Instead, try to indicate that you would be a good fit anywhere within the organization. Focus on transferable skills and employable skills that you have that would make you a strong asset to the company. If you are trying to get a job in a specific department, emphasize skills you have that would help you fit in there. Try to demonstrate successes you have had at previous companies, and explain that you want to bring similar successes to this company.

Provide the next step. Provide information on how you will follow up and how the employer can contact you.

You might include your resume as well, to provide more information for the employer.

Be concise. Employers do not have lots of time to read long letters of interest. Therefore, be sure to keep the letter concise. Do no write more than a single page. 

Sample Letter of Interest / Prospecting Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


Job Title
City, State Zip

Dear Mr./Ms. LastName,

I read about Company X's retail management training program in College Graduate Magazine and I would like to inquire about the possibility of openings. I am interested in a career in retail management and am planning to relocate to the New York City area in the near future. I would be interested in learning more about the company and about available opportunities.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Business, as well as three years of retail experience as a Sales Associate and Key Holder. In addition, I completed two internships focusing on retail management. I received an award for Intern of the Year at one of the companies, due to my sales skills and professionalism.

My resume, which is enclosed, contains additional information on my experience and skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the training program with you and to provide further information on my candidacy. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, 555-555-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

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It's the job seeker's nightmare.


They post a job. You and 300 of your friends apply. They interview ten and hire one.


The rest of you rush off to start the madness again.




Most jobs never get posted online.


If you apply for those jobs, you'll have almost zero competition.


That's what a letter of interest is designed to do.


Write a bad one, and you'll get ignored.


Write a good one, and you'll be drawing that fat salary before the masses know it's there.


This guide will show you:


  • How to write a letter of interest that gets noticed in the online jungle.
  • A stellar sample letter of interest that returns a massive response.
  • 10+ interest letter examples that'll get you hired faster.
  • A letter of interest format you can use to pry loose hidden dream jobs.


Here's a sample of a letter of interest made with our fast online builder. Want to write your letter in 15 minutes? Use our templates and build your version here.


Letter of interest sample - See 15+ templates and create your version here.


Next, I'll show you why that letter of interest template is so perfect, and how to make yours fast.



Use this Letter of Interest Format to Get a Massive Response


Here's the good news:


When you send an expression of interest (or EOI) letter, you're not one of 300+ job applicants.


Now the bad:


You're one of 10,000 spam emails.


An interest letter must be short, sweet, and formatted to get attention fast.


Use this letter of interest format to hit the manager like a rescue line tossed in a flood.


Letter of Interest Format Example


Here's a perfect sample interest letter template. It shows what a letter of interest should include.




Registered Nurse

865 Settlers Lane

New York, NY 10007





Lori McDougall

HR Director

Alcott Hospital

130 Farnum Road

New York, NY 10016


Dear Ms. McDougall,


[An Eye-Catching Hook]


[Proof You Understand the Manager's Need]


[Proof You Can Meet that Need]


[Request for a next step]


Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


Jennifer Dalmar


Why does that letter of introduction sample work? Because it unlocks the manager's attention, then delivers an irresistible gift.


Now let me show you how to do each part perfectly.


Pro Tip: How long should a letter of interest be? Just a few short paragraphs, and not more than 200 words. Any longer and the manager won't read it.


Trying to learn how to write a professional letter or cover letter? See our guide: Cover Letter Formats: A Complete How-To Guide [10+ Examples



What to Do when Your Letter of Interest... Doesn't


You're the needle.


The haystack is all the junk email the manager gets.


How can you make sure she finds you?


It's not enough to send a letter.


You must learn how to write a letter of interest that catches her attention like an electromagnet.


You need a hook.


Watch how that works (and doesn't) in the two teacher interest letter examples below.


Letter of Interest Examples [The Hook]


Check out these examples of how to write a letter of interest:



I am writing to inquire into possible teacher work with Alton Lewis high school.


I'm skilled in teaching, classroom management, communication, math, English, conflict resolution...


Here's the problem with that interest letter sample. There's no hook. The principal will toss it in the recycle bin so fast he'll get a paper cut.


Now look what happens when we add a hook:



I raised student test scores by 45% at Averill High last year.


The principal's eyebrows just shot up. The only way your letter of interest for a teaching position will get recycled now is if there is an unexpected fire drill.


Didn't raise test scores 45%? Don't worry.


A great hook can be:


  • A big accomplishment you made.
  • A big accomplishment the company made.
  • A fact you love about the company.
  • A fact you've learned about the manager.


How do you get a fact like that? Research. Look the company up in Google, and on LinkedIn. See if the manager has written articles or won awards.


The hook is the answer to how to introduce yourself in a letter. Once it's set, you've got to reel it in. You'll learn how next.


Pro Tip: If you're writing a letter of interest for a job within the same company, network first. You're in a unique position to meet the right manager.


Writing a college letter of interest? Check out this guide too: Internship Resume for College Students: Complete Guide (+20 Examples)



How to Turn a Letter of Interest Template into an Interview


That manager is in a world of hurt..


She'd hire you in a heartbeat if she knew you could help.


Prove it in the middle section of your interest letter.


Don't do it by listing skills and work experience.


Instead, think: Why are you interested in this job? Are you a perfect fit?


Answer with accomplishments that match the manager's needs.


Check out how that works in the two medical letter of interest examples below.


Interest Letter Examples [Show Your Proof]


What's wrong with this first sample letter of interest snippet?



I've worked as a nurse at two different hospitals and I have 5 years of combined experience. I was in charge of up to ten patients at a time, performing all nurse duties, including assessment, giving medication, assisting doctors...


That medical interest letter basically says, "I'm a nurse."


It needs to prove you'll save the manager's life. This next example letter of job interest clipping shows the hook and proof.



I cut inventory costs at Riverdale General by 55% through implementing a simple Kanban system.


Therefore, I was very excited by your article about Alcott Hospital's upcoming cost-cutting drive on


Cost-cutting can be a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. My deep Continuous Improvement training taught me that an employee-driven cost reduction program can actually improve quality. In fact, as we cut costs 55%, we also:


  • Decreased patient complaints by 35%.
  • Increased HCAHPS scores by 25%.
  • Lowered needle sticks by 65%.


Wow. The HR director just had a palpitation.


To prove you can help, you need to know the manager's needs.


Research the company online, but also use your networking skills. Just like a letter of intent for a job, networking lets you into unadvertised job openings.


If you network, you might be able to get a letter of introduction. That's the interest letter's big, Dwayne Johnson-type brother.


Pro Tip: Looking for a letter of interest template for MS Word? It's better to send it in the body of your email. The manager probably won't open an attached file from a stranger.


Not sure how to prove your worth? Use achievements from your resume. See the statement of interest sample letter up top. Also, see our guide: Achievements to Put on Resume - Complete Guide (+30 Examples)



What Is a Letter of Interest without a Request?


Picture this:


You write the best letter of interest in the universe.


The manager is convinced you are the next Jeff Bezos.


Then, you fail to ask for a next step.


You've impressed her, but so what? She's not sure how to proceed, so she forgets about you.


You don't know how to write a letter of interest until you nail the CTA.


What's a CTA? A Call to Action. Salespeople have used them for hundreds of years. They turn interest to results.


Here are two interest letter examples to show you what I mean.


Letter of Interest Examples [The CTA]


This internship interest letter example CTA will get an "F."



Let me know if we can talk on the phone or in person.


That's not terrible. But it's unclear what should happen next. There's nothing in it for the manager.


Now let's sweeten the pot with this next internship letter of interest example:



I would love the chance to talk with you as you embark on your cost-lowering journey. Could we schedule a short call to discuss ideas for slashing Steubing-Weatherford's inventory costs by 25% in the next six months?


Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


Jennifer Dalmar


See? You're offering something shiny, in exchange for something easy and specific. Your chances of a callback just went up like a communications satellite.


Pro Tip: Writing a letter of interest for a promotion? You know more than anyone about your manager's needs and how to meet them. Use that like a lever in your letter.


After you write your letter of interest, you'll need a resume. Make it fast with our easy online resume builder. Resume Builder: Create a Professional Resume in 5 Minutes!



Tips to Boost Your Interest Letter Effectiveness by 75%


You probably hardly ever stick your finger in a light socket.


But if you're just learning how to write a letter of interest, there are light sockets you don't know about. They're just waiting to fry your job search chances to a smoking crisp.


If you don't read the crucial tips below, you'll very likely put your finger in one.


Here's the Difference Between a Cover Letter vs a Letter of Interest


What's the difference between a letter of interest vs a cover letter?


A cover letter is the "cover" on your resume. It's a letter of application. Send one when applying for a known job opening.


The goal of an interest letter is to get the manager to ask to see your resume.


How to Send an Email Letter of Interest


To write a letter of interest email, use the format at the top of this guide.


Then cut the contact from the top, and put yours on the bottom.


Also, write a great subject line that gets the manager's attention.


The manager's name + your hook does that job well.



Darcie – I saved the lives of 15 puppies last week


Looking for a position at Sigma Delta Tau


Can you see how that first sorority letter of interest example would get opened? It's a great example of how to write an email asking for a job.


The second will go straight into the trash.


Pro Tip: Writing a medical school letter of interest? Prove your passionate interest in the school, and why you'd make the perfect student there.


Need to know who to address an interest letter to? Need a cover letter email sample? See our guide: How To Address A Cover Letter [Complete Guide With Examples]



Knowing how to write a letter of interest can teleport you past the job search maze. Follow these easy tips to get your dream job:


Include an eye-catching hook at the top of your interest letter template. It's there to get the manager to read your letter carefully.


Use your letter of interest to prove how you can help. Show measurable accomplishments that fit the manager's needs like skinny jeans.


What's the difference between a cover letter and a formal letter of interest? A letter of job interest has no resume attached. It seeks to start the conversation.


Want to know more about how to write a letter of continued interest? Maybe you found the best way to write an interest letter? Give us a shout in the comments! We love to help!

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