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How to make the IB extended essay title page

The international baccalaureate is a highly respected educational organization with hundreds of thousands of students in numerous countries around the world. The certificates and diplomas they issue are recognized around the world. Many schools offer the IB curriculum and continue to do so because of the prestige and the benefits it offers to their students. But like so many formats and structures of educational writing, the IB extended essay requires a title page written in a particular way.

It doesn't matter how successful you are at writing the extended essay, how well you choose the topic and address the topic in your writing, unless you follow the rules described from the beginning, you run the risk of receiving a less than perfect score. Every part of your IB extended essay has to be done according to Hoyle and this most certainly includes the title page. The good news is that at your school and most certainly online, can be found hundreds of examples of IB extended essays with the title by each clearly displayed. If any part of this article seems unclear, it is very easy to find numerous examples of exactly how to produce the relevant title page.

The fundamentals of an IB extended essay title page

The title page itself stands alone. It does not include a great deal of information and it most certainly does not include any part of your actual IB extended essay. It is a standalone document.

The title of your essay appears in the centre of the page and must be written in full. Do not offer the shortened version of your title. Put your title about one third of the way down the page. Do not dress up the typing of your title. It does not have a line underneath it and it is not written in italics. However, if you have some published words in your title such as a poem, short story or lyrics from a song, only those published words will appear in quotation marks.

If it turns out that your title is super long, try and balance the length of the lines of your title. In other words don't have one line with 20 words in it and a subsequent line with two words in it. Centre the title.

Even if the title of your extended essay is a question, simply write it in lowercase. It is not like the title of a book. You will have an uppercase word to start of course and for relevant nouns which require an uppercase letter to begin, but otherwise everything is in lowercase.

You must include your full name as it has been registered with all IB documentation. Your name appears in the centre of the title page. You also must include the name of your school and your individual IB number. The latter will be the last thing you type.

Finally, again placed in the centre of your title page and typed using uppercase throughout, will be the words total word count and then obviously the figure that is relevant.

Again if you are unsure about any of these things there are numerous examples you can study to be sure you get it just right.

Your extended essay is a formally written research paper and you should strive to present it as professionally as you can.  See the boxes on the right for IB documents giving detailed requirements for presentation, required elements, and suggestions on formatting. See the box below for guidance on what should be on the title page.

Font and spacing

Use a readable 12-point font and double spacing. You will be helping your examiners read and assess your essay on-screen.

Referencing and citations

The IB does not specify what referencing/citation format you should use. Whichever system you choose, make sure that you follow it consistently. Check, too, that it meets the minimum requirements for acknowledging both written and electronic sources expected by the IB. See the IB publication:

  • Effective Citing and Referencing

    Explains why citations are needed, what needs to be cited, when citations are necessary, and how to cite, and also provides a list of citation definitions, a documentation checklist, and a chart showing the elements to be included in a reference.

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