Bengali Essays For Madhyamik

WB Board Syllabus for Madhyamik Pariksha of Bengali Subject

West Bengal Board Bengali Syllabus for Class 10 is given below.

Bangali – 1st Language

Bangali – 2nd Language

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The Mission is named as Mission Nirmal Bangla and under the mission the Government of West Bengal endeavors to achieve the larger objective of reduction in child mortality and morbidity, overall mortality and morbidity by reducing chances of water borne and fecal brone diseases due to prevalence of open defecation; reducing the loss of active workdays due to prevalence of diarrheal diseases among the wage seekers; reduce the drop out of children, especially girls due to lack of appropriate toilet facilities in schools; improve overall cleanliness in the villages thereby contributing to improved environmental conditions. Thus the overall goal of the Mission will be to bring about positive changes in the physical quality of life in the villages by romoting cleanliness, hygiene and elimination open defecation. To achieve these larger impacts on the villages and the community, the specific goal of the Mission is to transform all the villages of West Bengal to Open Defecation Free (ODF) villages by 2 October 2019.Developing community managed solid and liquid management systems in the rural areas will also feature as priorities to improve overall cleanliness and environmental sanitation in the villages.

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