Should Schools Separate Gender Essay Topic

  • Good For A Change

    I am a 6th Grader in middle school, recently we had a debate against or for gender based schools. I think it would be good for change because girls think more than boys do, we have a different brain so we think wiser while boys they can make dumb decisions . I mean no offense, but girls they like to relax with music and scents that are calming while boys they don't. Studies show that after girls went to gender based school they came out with a higher IQ then a girl that went to a public school and they had the same IQ!

  • The best option in my opinion

    I am a teenage girl and I currently go to an all girls school. I think it is a great learning environment and there are far less distractions. I never have to worry about how I look or if I sound stupid with an answer I am unsure about. I have gone to a coed school and I find that there is far more drama there then at an all girls school, which is funny because most people think it is the other way around.

  • Yes,schools should be seperated by gender.

    Yes,schools should be seperated by gender.This would be healthier for both boys and girls because they could both concentrate on their studies and not be distracted by the opposite sex or by thinking about the best way to attract their interest in a co-ed environment or how to act right.

  • Make a split.

    Boys and girls learn differently. Let the boys be active and let the girls gain full potential. I know men and women that are in there 50's that sill don't understand eachother. Kids can focus on learning instead of showing off for the opposit sex. I'm not saying they shouldnt be aloud to see each other just not during learning. I'm not sure if none of you where ever a teanager but it is awkward. Why not eliminate one stress of growing up.

  • Easier for Boys and Girls to focus on studies.

    I am in a public high school, so I definitely understand the distractions that come with mixed gender classes. In mixed gender classes, girls are always trying to either impress boys, or boys are always trying to impress girls. It really never ends. In all honesty, separate gender classes are better, due to the big fact that they will take away a lot of stresses in students lives. Many "drama" related stresses, have to do with the opposite sex. If this were to be completely eliminated, it would make students lives 10 times more easier.

  • Why separate girls and boys?

    Boys and girls should separated because their brain works differently, some people think they shouldnt because boys and girls can learn from each other. But, the learning in school is to teach kids so they can get a good carer. The learning from the opposite sex can be learned at parties and other social activities

  • Yes Yes YES!

    I am a female and i think gender schools are a GREAT idea. Just because you go to school for 6 hours a day does not mean that you will grow up awkward. Boys and girls don't only grow up with the same sex. You have brothers and sisters that have friends around all the time. In addition, going to the park, a movie or any other event is not gender based. You will always run into the opposite sex everyday and interact with one another. Therefore, not growing up with only one sex. School is a learning place that needs to be focused on learning. Boys and girls get all flirty and don't want to focus on there work. When in a gender based school, you have no one to look good for, or to impress.

  • Yes, it is very necessary that kids are seperated

    Girls are constantly having to deal with obnoxious boys who prevent them from learning. Boys and girls should be separated because of this mainly. And, each gender in their own school will show maturity growth and learn better. Hopefully that made sense :) I'm just saying that I love to be in social groups with my own sex.

  • Boys and Girls Have Different Needs

    Boys and girls are different, and have different educational needs. Teaching boys and girls the same way is unfair to both sexes. Boys and girls often feel they can't be themselves around the opposite sex and it is a block to learning. Boys and girls both need to learn to communicate with each other, but there are plenty of ways of accomplishing that in life. I don't believe it needs to be taught in school.

  • Yes - Remove Temptation

    Yes, schools should be separated by gender. If they were, it would most definitely put a stop to a lot of behavior issues we currently see in schools. By separating male and female students we would be making a learning environment which would be much more conducive to learning. Right now the focus in most high schools is on clothes, popularity and social status. Most of a student’s time and energy is spent in these pursuits. By gender separation, we would be removing these issues which would then allow students time to focus on learning.

  • In recent years, the question of whether male and female students should study in separate classes has been widely discussed. The opponents of this educational approach argue that if boys and girls do not study together, they cannot develop skills and communication habits necessary to interact with the opposite sex. However, providing education separately for boys and girls has advantages that outweigh the possible inconveniences of this approach.

    Although people today are losing their minds about trying to minimize differences between genders, biology often remains unswerving: different sexes tend to have different learning styles. This occurs because male and female brains work differently. Such differences—and studying styles that result from these differences—can be best explored in separate classrooms. This does not mean separating girls from boys will automatically help increase grades in both groups; however, understanding the core differences in learning styles, and adjusting lesson plans according to this knowledge will definitely help improve the overall quality of education (

    According to a study conducted in Australia, in which approximately 270,000 students participated, both male and female students showed much better results in standardized tests when they attended separate schools

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