Hexachlorodisilane Synthesis Essay

Development of a Scalable, Chromatography-Free Synthesis of t-Bu-SMS-Phos and Application to the Synthesis of an Important Chiral CF3-Alcohol Derivative with High Enantioselectivity Using Rh-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation

Joshua D.SieberSoniaRodriguezRogelioFrutosFredericBuonoYongdaZhangNingLiBoQuAjithPremasiriZhibinLiZhengxu S.HanYiboXuDenisByrneNizarHaddadJonLorenzNeluGrinbergDmitryKurouskiHeewonLeeBikshandarkoilNarayananLaurenceNummyJasonMulderJack D.BrownAliceGrangerJoeGaoMariuszKrawiecZeenaWilliamsScottPenninoJinhua J.SongAzadHossainNathan K.YeeCarlBusaccaFrankRoschangarYanchaoXinZhantongMaoXinzhuZhangYapingHongChris H.Senanayake

The Journal of Organic Chemistry201883 (3), 1448-1461

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