Eup1501 Assignment 9 2014

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    Unisa model EUP 1501 frustration!

    Matter - EUP1501:

    I have been struggling to sign into the site. We were requested to use our student number as our username and passwords. This does not work. Please advise as I need to get in to complete my assignments.

    The same goes for the registering of Myitlab. We are requested to enter a access code before the registration is complete. Where do we obtain this code from as we did not purchase books from this site. Communication is very poor and unclear compare to the other modules. We want to do our best but can't with the little info. Please advise on how to solve this....

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    That website doesn't look functional. This is in the wrong section, should be in off-topic. Try going to

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    My girlfriend is having the same problem.

    She told me something about setting the program up so long and that the code will be given later. It apparently says that on the EUP1501 page.

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    Damn, I've also got this module this year (registration still being processed). I hope it gets sorted before I get my stuff.

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    I have been trying over and over as well and the due date is the 1st of Feb I am in a panic :-/

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    Hi Guys

    Has anyone had any luck yet?

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    Gave this module a wide berth this semester...seems for good reason too.

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    For those interested:

    My girlfriend has been grouped, still no access code or whatever is needed to access the stupid itlab program. Which I must say from the first look of it seems like a pathetic piece of software.
    Assignment 1 & access to myITLab
    Dear Student

    Please note that you are one of more than 8000 students who have not been grouped yet, bearing in mind that more than 15 000 students have already registered for the module. Unfortunately, the grouping of students is not carried out by the EUP team.

    We are aware that you need access to myITLab to work on Assignment 1. Please note that this is only the first assignment of 13 for the module & contributes only 6% towards your final mark. It is also NOT a deciding assignment - you need to have submitted an (any) assignment to be able to book for the practical examination.

    You will receive an email into your mylife account once you have been enrolled into myITLab. You will then have 7 days to complete Assignment 1

    Prof L Goosen
    Module Leader

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    Does anyone know if you're supposed to get Office with this module?

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    eup 1501

    I was sent password but I am still struggling,anyone have any clue about this website?

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    Anyone grouped "Group 457T "?

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    The worst is the fact that you HAVE to use Office 2010.

    Something that isn't included in the price. No idea why you have to pay +- R600 for study materials when so far my gf has received zilch. It really is a pathetic module.

    Did you go to this website? Link from there you can log in.

    They said the first assignment will only be due 7 days after getting access to myITlab, you can try logging in anyway and see if it works, username being your student number and password the same.
    Originally Posted by msAndy28

    I was sent password but I am still struggling,anyone have any clue about this website?

    Originally Posted by Sinbad

    First assignment was due yesterday. Still no access to ITLab.

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  • EUP1501 Fi-concession Student no: 49849409 Assignment 9 Topic identifed: Microso±t PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint Is the most useful, accessible way to create and present visual aid others believe it has its own mind-set it is basically electronic slides where a person can embark Fles such as texts, music, pictures, diagrams etc. Microsoft PowerPoint engages students not just through words but also through visuals. Some students learn better by hearing, but other students learn better by seeing. It is also good when you are presenting a project at school or at work. It makes learning a lot more fun and entertaining. Microsoft PowerPoint adds a lot of colour to the subject and in the manner of presentation, so your mind is always kept interested. You can even add sound if you want. Microsoft PowerPoint makes it possible to provide much richer quality visuals including multi-coloured complicated diagrams and pictures.

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