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Spur Ride Study Guide
4-7 JUN 14



Unit History (Abbreviated)
The 7th Cavalry Regiment was constituted on July 28, 1866 in the Regular Army as the 7th Cavalry. It was organized on September
21, 1866 at Fort Riley, Kansas as part of an expansion of the Regular Army following the demobilization of the wartime volunteer and draft forces. From 1866 through 1871, the Regiment was posted at Ft. Riley and fought in the Indian Wars, notably at the Battle of the Washita in 1868.
From 1871 through 1873, Seventh Cavalry companies participated in occupation duties during the Reconstruction period in the
South. Sent north once more to the Western Frontier, the Regiment garrisoned Fort Abraham Lincoln,…show more content…

Instead of spa we’ll drink down the ale,
And pay the reck’ning of the nail;
No man for debt shall go to jail
From Garryowen in the glory. (x2)
Our heart so stout have got us fame,
For soon ‘tis known from when we came;
Where’re we go they dread the name
Of Garryowen in glory



Tasks To Evaluate
Move as a member of a team 071-326-0501
Operate SINGARS SC 113-587-2070
Request MEDEVAC 081-831-0101
Send SITREP 171-121-4079
Send SPOTREP 071-121-4080
Evaluate a Casualty TC3 081-831-1001
Perform first aid for bleeding or severed extremity 081-831-1032
Select a Movement Route Using a Map 071326-0515
Establish a Patrol Base 331-182-0028
React to Indirect Fire while dismount 071-COM0513
Establish an Observation Post 171-300-0037
Operate the Long Range Advanced Scout
Surveillance System (LRAS3) 171-134-0004
Operate Simple Key Loader (SKL) AN/PYQ-10
Operate Radio Set AN/PRC-150 in Single
Channel Mode 113-620-2051

* Rope Climbing

Transport a casualty 081-831-1046
Locate a target by grid coordinates. 061-283-1002
Engage target with indirect fires 061-283-1011
Assemble and employ an M240B MG 071-025-0009
Assemble and employ an M249 MG 071-025-0009
Assemble and employ an M2 MG
Assemble and employ an M19
Assemble and employ an M9
Perform PMCS on HMMWV
– ID Fault BY TM
– Annotate Fault on 5988E
Prepare a range card 071-000-0005
Employ OE-254, Antenna 113-596-1068
Protect Yourself

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