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... employee HR practices Think of better practices that could be applied to the company you're consulting with. These practices could be used to increase competitive advantage of the company. Here are some suggested areas...choose only one: 9- Performance evaluation and feedback and career development (Hasan, 2009) (kiran , Employee Retention, 2006) =========================================================== Inspired by the wonder HRM practice in Singhania and Partners, I realized that continuously training is very important to keep employees competent. It also has a positive impact on keeping employees motivated and loyal to the organization. In Singhania and Partners, they have bi-weekly open house in which they hold presentations on different topics from different legal areas. Even the junior-most lawyers are highly encouraged to participate in the presentation and practice. This is a great occasion where the employees can present, discuss, and learn from each other. It is also a good place to build a healthy learning-encouraging environment in the organization and help employees to build self-confidence. (Goyal, 2008) When providing suggestions on improving human resource management and retaining talent within an organization, a business consultant should understand the important role of training......

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...CASE ANALYSIS People Management – Singhania & Partners Group D1 Ankit Agarwal Kausik.R Meenu Rajpal Pramod Khandelwal Syed Reza Salis Naqvi Objective of the Analysis 1. How can Singhania and Partners sustain the effectiveness of people management policies with increasing competition? I think the CEO is worried about what they pay rather than the HR policies per se. Be more specific PESTC Analysis  Political and Legal:       Economic liberalization by the government of India. LPG (liberalization, privatization and globalization) by GOI gave a fillip to foreign investment and subsequently, legal services industry. Foreign law firms are not allowed to set shops in India or practice Indian law. Imminent liberalization of legal service industry which will increase competition. Law firms were prohibited to directly market their services. Legal system was very slow.  Economic:       High growth market for legal services. Availability of highly skilled capital at competitive prices. Growth of LPO (legal process outsourcing) industry providing a boost to legal services. Huge market for legal services in the US accounting for 49% of the global industry. Arbitration opportunities in India provided a market for legal services. Growth in the IT and infrastructure sector giving a fillip to legal services.  Social:  Lack of educational and vocational opportunities for the people to develop their career in legal services industry.  Inclination of......

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...Contents Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Purpose 3 1.2 Scope 4 1.3 Method 4 1.4 Limitations 4 1.5 Assumptions 4 1.6 Background 4 2. Findings 4 2.1 Strengths 4 2.2 Weaknesses 5 3. Discussions 5 3.1 Organization Structure 5 3.2 Management and Leadership Style 5 3.3 Marketing and Promotion 5 3.4 Programs and Training 5 4. Conclusion 5 5. Recommendations and Implementation 6 6. References (optional) 6 Executive Summary The purpose of this report was to investigate a student sport club at a private university in Jakarta, which is called Badminton at BINUS University. Badminton is a non-profit Sport organization for undergraduate and graduate students of any major studying at BINUS University. Its main purpose is to develop it's members Badminton skills by providing Smash, Service, Backhand, Loop, Netting, and etc. Badminton has actively participated in Binus Badminton Club, Sparing inside and outside city, PORSINORA, Friendly-night, and national competition. The strengths of this organization can be seen from many national achievements that this unit has achieved. The main reason for its success was due to its strong leadership sustainability, which allowed the changing leaders and committees of the unit always manage to accomplish the set targets and goals. However, the unit has some areas for improvement. For example, the communication styles between supervisors and subordinates were sometimes problematic, as all participants...

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...Case study:Singhania and partner Introduction:Singhania & Partners is a full-service national law firm, a successful international corporate and commercial litigation, arbitration and intellectual property law practice. In my opinion, Singhania & partners should be to strengthen the trust of employees, because it is an essential prerequisite for all real commercial success. The Discussion on Mohothra and Singhania Law Co. HR Practices Human resources practices mean the methods that are adopted to conduct various employment actions (Mayhew, 2012). As one of the largest law firms in India, Mohothra and Singhania Law Co., has unique features in its HR practices. Besides the regular HR work, the HR practices of Mohothra and Singhania Law Co. has three features in its HR practices: open door policy, all merits based career growth and stress free environment. Firstly, the company conducts open door policy. There is open house every two weeks on which small presentations on different topics are organized, offer opportunities for employees training. The lawyers at all levels are encouraged to make the presentation. Combined with bi-weekly open house and weekly senior management meeting, the company is open to hear different opinions and suggestions. What’s more, with the open door policy of the company, any employee is accessible to senior management for discussions. Secondly, the career growth of the employees is all merits based. The company does not rely on annual......

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People Management, the Mantra for Success: the Case of Singhania and Partners

1206 WordsSep 30th, 20135 Pages


Singhania Partners need to structure such a people management system such that not only they can overcome the high attrition rate but also tackle the situation of increasing competitors due to liberalization of economy.


Political Factors
Under Indian Advocates Act of 1961, foreign law firms were not allowed to open offices in India and were prohibited from giving any legal advice that could constitute practicing Indian law. This prevented foreign lawyers and law firms from establishing offices in India.
Economic Factors
With the…show more content…

* Increase capacities in the company to allocate more people: To compete with foreign rivals, it becomes imperative to create more job opportunities for people around the world. * Focus more on processes: Focus can be shifted from people to processes so that they can get more number of clients and extend their business well. One problem again is that people will not be satisfied with the job * Decrease the amount of rewards: Rewards should be given on a competition-oriented basis than on merits. It should be structured in such a manner so that people strive to be among the best in order to get the best.
One drawback of this system would be that people would want to leave the company, but again the company can saves a loads of expenses behind the resources.


The company needs to retain its employees in the era where the economy of India is been liberalized inviting foreign service competitors which would precede the already existent high attrition rate. Following can be the course of action:

1) Invite more processes
It becomes imperative for a service-based company to get more processes and work along with the importance given to people. More processes would mean more clients which in turn would mean more revenues for the company which in turn would increase the chances of hiring more people.

2) Hire people based on

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