Conclusion In A Comparison And Contrast Essay

Writing a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay: tips and examples

The main idea of a compare and contrast essay is to express the similarities and differences between two things. When you are writing this type of paper, it is so important to make sure that you write a solid conclusion. It is so important to always write a strong conclusion but with this type of essay, it is imperative. The conclusion will wrap it all up and touch on the main points. Here are some tips and examples to help you finish off your essay strong.

Tips and examples

  • Rephrase your thesis statement
  • You want to bring the paper full circle and reiterate your main point. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you rephrase your thesis statement. It is the main point of the paper and by restating it you are reminding the reader of the main point. Make sure that your conclusion expresses the thesis statement again. You will not want to just simply copy and paste it here. You have to transform it into a more complete idea now that all of the information has been presented. You will be able to get more in depth about the main idea now.

  • Restate the major points
  • Remind your reader of the reasons behind why you believe the thesis. It is a great way to make sure that they really understand the purpose of your paper. A strong paper will make sure to let the reader know what it is about and why. The main point behind the conclusion is to reiterate the main points and give a summary of what has been discussed while pulling all of the points together.

Don’t rush through your conclusion. You want to make sure that it serves its purpose. Too many people get to the conclusion and then throw some things in there and leave it. When you are comparing or contrasting two things, it is so important to make sure that you take your time and write it for a purpose and not just to get the paper over with. It is an important piece of the process and of the paper.

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Comparison Essay Writing Help: Concluding Your Paper

Writing teachers spend a significant amount of time helping their students craft interesting introductions. They also help their students with adding useful evidence and explanations to their essays. Unfortunately, those same writing teachers tend to neglect teaching their students the best ways to conclude their essays. All of the different types of essays, from persuasive to narrative, compare-contrast to informational, require different types of conclusions, which is why it is so important for teachers to share effective techniques with their students. The compare-contrast paper has the most complicated conclusion, when compared to the other types of essays.

Necessary Concluding Components

In all types of essays, the conclusions do need to have the same components. Each conclusion needs to have a restated purpose statement, as well as a connection back to the hook. The difference between the comparison essays and the others is what writers should put in between the restated purpose statement and the connection back to the hook. The middle section of the conclusion should include the ideas that are being compared and the significant differences or similarities. The conclusion is the last place you have to leave the readers thinking about your ideas, so you must add an interesting connection to the comparison you are creating.

Longer Paragraphs with Powerful Sentences and Ideas

Many students think that concluding paragraphs should be short, between three and five sentences. This could not be farther from the truth. Conclusions are an equally important part of the essay, so students should spend time there. Depending on the topic of your paper, you could actually work on leaving the reader with actions to take and thoughts to ponder. This cannot be done in three or four short sentences. Conclusions can have more than one paragraph, especially when the comparison is complex and requires some extra explanations.

Spend Time on the Conclusion to Prove Your Point Clearly

When you write your conclusion for your comparison essay, spend time on it. If you neglect the conclusion, your essay will feel choppy and incomplete. In order to prove the comparison to your readers, you need to show that you can draw conclusions that people might not realize and the end of the essay is the perfect to finalize the ideas. By leaving the conclusion empty or too short, your readers will not believe that you were fully capable of completing your ideas.

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