Latex New Block Undefined Begin The Bibliography Of The Prophet

Postby lwaldron » Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:35 am

It's not quite so simple, as there are a number of things that must be defined to get the bibliography to work. I got it working with the following code copied from article.cls into a file "letterbib.sty" then the command \usepackage{letterbib} in the preamble:

  1. \setlength\labelsep{.5em}
  2. \newcommand\newblock{\hskip
  3. .11em\@plus.33em\@minus.07em}\let\@openbib@code\@empty
  4. \newcommand\refname{References}
  5. \newcommand\section{\@startsection
  6. {-3.5ex \@plus -1ex \@minus -.2ex}%
  7. {\normalfont\Large\bfseries}}
  8. \newenvironment{thebibliography}[1]
  9. \@mkboth{\MakeUppercase\refname}{\MakeUppercase\refname}%
  10. \list{\@biblabel{\@arabic\c@enumiv}}%
  11. {\settowidth\labelwidth{\@biblabel{#1}}%
  12. \leftmargin\labelwidth\advance\leftmargin\labelsep\@openbib@code
  13. \let\p@enumiv\@empty\renewcommand\theenumiv{\@arabic\c@enumiv}}%
  14. \sloppy\clubpenalty4000 \@clubpenalty\clubpenalty
  15. \sfcode`\.\@m}{\def\@noitemerr{\@latex@warning{Empty
  16. `thebibliography' environment}}%

I'm using MikTex v2.9 for homework in the subject computergraphics at university.

I'm using the acmsiggraph layout.

So my problem is, I'm trying to use BibTex for my bibliography and everytime I get an error while compiling:

My BBL-File looks weird, year and published are missing. I don't know why.

My Bibfile named "bib.bib" looks like this:

I added the bibfile at the end of the document like I'm supposed to do.

The weird thing is, if I ignore the error, the "Literatur"-Section in my PDF looks OK, and has all the information from the .bib-file in it. And the bbl-file looks OK too and has all the information in it:

But the error stays. So please, if you have any idea help me please. :)

EDIT: Still getting the Error, but it now looks like I can work with it... And it doesn't matter what I refer to in \cite it shows [0] at any place? :D

Thank you very much!


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