Hsbc Different Values Campaign Case Study

Story of the film

This film, based on HSBC’s award-winning paper from the 2010 IPA effectiveness awards, explores the development of ‘The World’s Local Bank’ brand idea; how this was expressed through several phases of communications, through understanding local knowledge to  and how it contributed to business growth.


HSBC wanted to create a brand with meaning and value that would help establish a strong global identity and image. ‘The World’s Local Bank’ was a brand idea born from a belief in embracing the variety and richness of culture in the world. It was launched in 2002, marrying brand, marketing and business strategy. It created unity out of global diversity, and inspired multiple marketing campaigns around the world. An estimated incremental growth of $69.87bn was generated between 2002 and 2008, helping to weather a recession and representing a payback of between 3.44 and 7.88.

Judge’s comment

This case study is proof that it is possible to build a strong global brand in a category that is not known for strong branding. Through consistency and long term commitment HSBC successfully came through a crisis.

John Petter , Managing Director, BT Retail Consumer

Appearing on film:

Titles were correct at the time of publish date

  • Chris Clark, Global Head of Marketing HSBC
  • Ian MacDonald, Head of Brand and Advertising, HSBC. Formerly Planning Director JWT.
  • Axel Chaldecott, Global Creative Director at JWT
  • Ben Brown, Global Account Director at Mindshare Worldwide

With additional effectiveness insights from:

  • Peter Field, Marketing and IPA Databank Consultant
  • David Golding, Founding Partner, Adam & Eve and Convenor of Judges 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards
  • Marie Oldham, Chief Strategy Officer, MPG and Deputy Convenor of Judges 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards


This film is based on an award winning IPA paper. Here the details.

Full Title: How a brand idea helped create the world’s strongest financial brand

Awards: 2010 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Silver & Best International

Client: HSBC

Agency: JWT

Authors: Ian MacDonald, Orlando Hooper-Greenhill, JWT

Chapter 8 HSBC 1. HSBC's risks positioning itself as the "World's Local Bank" when they have to work to maintain local knowledge in each area of the world. The benefits is that their global campaign of "Different Values" focuses on multiple viewpoints and different interpretations of their customers. They focus on how everyone sees things with different viewpoints, and HSBC acknowledges and respects that people value things in different ways. They strive to help people with different values. By being the "World's Local Bank" this means that they would have to hire a lot of people who are knowledgeable of different ethnicities. They would have to work with a lot of different clients being on a neutral standpoint since they should not be favoring a group of people over others. The main problem with this is that they would have to work with many different values of people, since they will be working with so many different people who value different things. 2.

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