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Essay A Winter Snow

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A Winter Snow When I think back upon the memories of my childhood, I clearly recall a specific winter afternoon at my grandmother’s house. It is an especially cold day, I remember. I am dressed in two pairs of thick socks, two sweatshirts, a heavy winter coat, and my bright pink rain boots. I am nine years old, and to me, winter snow is pure magic. As I step out onto my grandmother’s back porch, I remember losing my breath, not only from the bitter cold, but also from the captivating scene. I am immediately taken aback by the view. The entire ground, as far as my eyes can see, is coated in a hefty blanket of solid white. The light seems to dance atop the snow, making it glitter wherever the sun shines. All the trees around are…show more content…

Extending my arms and legs as far as they can reach, I begin making a snow angel. I can feel the cold wet of the earth making its way through the gloves on my hands. I rise off the ground to look at my creation, and just next to my angel wings, I find tiny animal paw prints. Curious, I am instantly set to investigate. I follow the paw prints around the perimeter of the yard and stumble on the perpetrator. I find my grandmother’s dog, Chip, a few yards away, leaping into the air in a desperate attempt to catch snowflakes in his mouth. The paw prints undeniably belong to him. In fascination with the rare weather, I close my eyes in order to focus on the sound of the day. I listen intently. The sound is so overwhelmingly peaceful. Silence, yet there is much to hear. I hear to the sparse leaves gently rattling in the breeze. In the distance, I hear a bird singing its joyful melody. I hear the snapping together of Chip’s jaws after yet another failed attempt to taste the falling snowflakes. Laughing, I hear the pattering of his feet against the snow as he ran cheerfully. Abruptly, the sound of the back door opening snaps me out of my trance. My grandmother appears in the doorway to announce that dinner is ready. She has prepared soup. It is in this moment that I feel my stomach rumble. I had been so caught up in exploring the snow that I did not even notice my hunger. With the door ajar, I can smell the hot soup on the stove. My

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Bangladesh is shining example of verities of seasons. Each season appears itself with its own characteristics and beauties.

The winter is one of the six seasons of Bangladesh.  It comprises the Bengali months of Poush and Magh. It is the coldest period in Bangladesh.

During this season the atmosphere remains dry and hazy. Winter brings about a change in nature. At the advent of winter, nature becomes dull and gloomy. The leaves of some trees wither at the touch of its icy hand. Days gradually become shorter and nights become longer. Cold wind blows continuously from the north. The morning often remains foggy and sometimes nothing can be seen even at a little distance. The sky often remains cloudless and the rays of the sun become very mild. During this season, different kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits and fishes are found available in the market. It is the most convenient time for holding picnics, festivals,
social functions and various kinds of outdoor games and sports.

But this season is not an unmixed blessing. The poor people suffer greatly from cold for want of warm clothes. The people, especially the old and the children often shiver with biting cold. Every year some old people die because of severe cold. Even the animals, birds, worms and insects feel the pinch of cold.

Winter season is a gift for us. Pitha, fresh fruits, fresh fish, cultural programs and many others events make winter season the best season. For this I like winter season very much.

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